Was the 2004 Presidential Election Stolen? Exit Polls, Election Fraud, and the Official Count
by Steven F. Freeman & Joel Bleifuss / Foreword by U.S. Representative John Conyers, Jr.
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Volunteer Needs

Help With the 2008 Election Verification Exit Poll - Too late for Nov 4, but we still need help coding, tabulating and analyzing data, as well as investigating discrepancies. Or sign up for future efforts. We especially need people who can use SPSS.

Website Design and Content - We plan to redesign the website to focus on problems and solutions. If you can provide content, technical assistance or steady updates, please consider making your mark here. One area we are looking for is focused content, e.g. a page for educators and development of education materials.

Help Fight Disinformation - If you are a contributor to DailyKos, Democratic Underground, Wikipedia, professional listservs or other discussion and reference forums, we need you to fight systemic disinformation. We have little possibility of honest US elections until and unless we can keep the record and debate honest.

Write an Article or OpEd for a Local Newspaper - If you are a contributor to DailyKos, Democratic Underground, Wikipedia or other discussion and reference forums, we need you to fight systemic disinformation. We have little possibility of clean US elections until and unless we can clean the record about what has been happening in US elections.

Organize an Event - The election integrity movement has many great speakers. The stories are compelling, eye-opening, and entertaining. And you can be sure that your community hasn't heard them yet. Organize an event to raise awareness of the issue. We've had many sucessful events across the continent, even in very red states.

Communications - Help establish systematic communications with a constituent group such as the media, donors, election officials or lawmakers.

Professional Opportunities

Academics and Students - We have great data for articles with ground-breaking potential.

Grant Applications - Election Integrity has not yet systematically sought funds, but we have now some of the best data ever collected for testing the efficacy of exit poll surveys; even for survey methods in general. We also have perhaps the best extant methodologies for fighting election fraud. Funds are potentially available from a variety of foundations and institutions.

Election Integrity Retail: Design T-Shirts/Bumper Stickers or Manage an Election Integrity On-line Store

Business Development - Exit polls are an excellent investment for any institution that cares about democracy or any individual campaign concerned about election fraud. Our methodologies have the potential to become the world's best for fighting mass-scale election fraud.

Election Systems - Think you might be able to design a better election system than ES&S, Diebold or Sequoia? We think we can too. But we need a full-fledged business plan, not just a design, with a commitment to all aspects of the endeavor from financing to marketing and everything in between.

Tell Us How You Can Help

If we could actually harness the good intentions of decent people throughout the country and across the globe, we could have the best democracy the world has ever known. Unfortunately, Americans are increasingly unaccustomed to acting in a voluntary context. Democracy demands a willingness and ability to think for yourself, take initiative, and commit to working with others on behalf of the common good; to make an individual contribution in a group effort without being told explicitly what to do. So please, think about what you can offer, and share these skills and resources.

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